We provide a wide range of services to reduce your business costs

We make a donation to a charity, grass root sports club or community good cause each and every time we save you money
And we promise to provide every service with a smile 

Services that benefit your business and your chosen charity

Gas & Electricity 
(The evil necessities!)

Electricity & gas costs - urgh !!
You have a business property so you need to pay for these nasties one way or another.
Let us keep your cash on your bottom line and stop you wasting money and adding to the energy companies profits.

(When did you last switch suppliers?)

A very small percentage of UK businesses have switched their water supplier since this was deregulated.  
Is your business one of these?

Card & E-commerce Payments
(Paying too much to take payments?)

Do you know if your business is paying too much for taking payments from your customers?
Do you know your transaction % rates for each type of debit and credit card?
Do you know if there are hidden charges on your monthly statement?

Business Insurance 
(Know what you're covered for?)

Are you baffled by what cover you need and how much you should be paying for that cover?
Let us de-mystify the jargon and give you only the cover your business needs and at the right price.

Telecoms & Broadband
(Are you well connected?)

Are you happy with your current telephone system?
Are you happy with your current broadband speed?
Would you like to have a no-hassle, no-obligation chat to see whether there is a better solution?

Waste Management
(When did you last switch?)

Another business cost that is generally ignored.
When did you last review what you are paying for the removal of your recycling, general, confidential or any other waste? 

"Helpful and stress free"

Helpful and stress free. Simple process and any problems were dealt with. Good service, will be using to renew my commercial electricity supplier and procure further utilities.

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